New Zealand Campervan Hire or New Zealand Car Hire

Which is best for you ?

All year round, here at Fresh Rentals, we are asked the question; what do you think we should do?

Should we hire a campervan, or should we hire a car ?

This is not an easy one, as no one answer fits all. There are many factors to take into account, i.e

-How many people are travelling?2 berth budget campervan

-What time of year are you visiting?

-Do you have very young children with you?

-Do you enjoy the freedom of perhaps camping (in comfort) beside a beautiful river or lake, or is TV and a restaurant nearby your priority

New Zealand is, even allowing for personal bias, one of the most naturally beautiful  countries anywhere in the world. The mountains, lakes, National Parks and rivers, a temperate climate, clean water, low pollution levels and not a snake or crocodile in sight, combine to provide an outdoor experience that is truly unique. So how to make the most of it?

It’s hard to beat a campervan/ motohome  holiday of New Zealand. For  the  young couple keeping costs down in a budget 2-berth camper, through to the family of 6 wanting a luxury ‘hotel on wheels’ the campervan allows you to get close to nature, mix with the locals, and travel ‘fancy free’ without being tied to a set itinerary.6 berth luxury camper

So what’s the downside?

-New Zealand, particularly South Island can be very cold in the winter. You are never very far from the mountains in the south so be prepared. (Make sure you request  extra blankets and a heater). In the height of summer, campervans in New Zealand, particularly the 4 and 6 berth campers can be hard to reserve if you don’t book early. In the colder months, there are plenty of campers available at low prices. Over the peak of summer, there are not enough to meet demand.

-If someone in the family snores loudly, you will all know about it. Best to talk to the pharmacist before you leave home.

–You are away from the cities, and at one with nature. But so are the midges and mosquitoes in a few places. Stock up on the repellent.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     –Even a  6 berth luxury camper has just one shower/toilet for all. Most people overnight in a camping ground every few nights to fill up water tanks, dispose of refuse etc.

Cost/ Convenience

There is no doubt the camper is the most convenient way to travel, but what about cost? It’s very seasonal. In the off peak months, particularly May to September, camper prices will be around 70% cheaper than the summer peak. A  6-berth luxury campervan that rents for $350 per day in mid-summer will be $100pd in June. Cars, Hotels and Motels will be around 20% cheaper off peak, although in the ski  areas like Queenstown and Wanaka, the prices will actually go up in Winter!

So, if cost is a major factor but you love the idea of a fabulous motorhome holiday in New Zealand , book your campervan  May to September, and a car/motel combination in the summer months.

Fullsize car rental

If comfort and convenience are more your style, book a car and motels in the winter, and a campervan in the shoulder and peak season…..but remember, campervans will be in short supply, so the earlier you book, the more chance you have to get the campervan you want at the best price.

Whichever way you decide to travel, you will love our beautiful country and we will all make you feel welcome.

Todays Maori (native New Zealander) Language Lesson

Kia-ora…..hello                                                                                                                                                      Ka kite anō….See you again.

They say you can’t beat ‘asking a local’. Well that’s us, we’re proud local Kiwi’s.


- A Selection of just some of the dozens of Campervan/Motorhome styles on offer. Click any for more details on these and many others.

2-berth-campervan-rental-new-zealand 6-berth-campervan-rental-new-zealand
2 berth budget campervan
(no shower and toilet)
2 berth campervan 4-6 berth campervan

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