Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to book direct?

No. Our prices will be the same or lower than our suppliers plus, of course, we are here to assist you with planning your New Zealand travel.

Can you help me with accommodation?

Yes. We can assist you with any accommodation you may require before, after and even during, your rental period. We can also assist you with any excursions you want to plan on your travels. This is a free service.

What do I need to know to drive in New Zealand?

In New Zealand we drive on the Left Hand Side of the road. The speed limits and distances are in kilometres per hour. The speedometers will also be calibrated in these measures. As a guide 50 mph = c.80kph. 30mph = c.50 kph. 60mph = c.100kph.

In general the roads will not be multi lane highways. It may take longer than you expect to travel between locations. There is a Distance/Fuel/Time calculator on our site.

Service stations are widespread and will also sell basic groceries in many cases. However, in some less populated areas, there may be long distances between services stations. If you know your route check when you pick up your vehicle. Otherwise take advice on your travels. You will find most Kiwis friendly and happy to help.

What is the minimum age to hire and drive a rental vehicle in New Zealand?

This will depend on the individual car/camper hire company and, in some cases, the particular vehicle. (The minimum age is 18) See the Terms and Conditions for the individual company. (Click on the ‘Terms and Conditions’ button on the ‘Vehicle Booking and Confirmation’ page.) Don’t worry. You do not have to commit to hiring a vehicle to get to this page.

Are there any restrictions on what roads I can drive on?

The short answer is ‘Yes’. Rental firms consider that the likelihood of vehicle damage on some roads is quite high. The number of these roads is low and will not prevent you seeing some fabulous scenery and travelling to some remote and unspoiled places. See the Terms and Conditions of the vehicle you are considering hiring for these restrictions.

Do I have to park in a camping ground overnight?

Freedom camping is allowed unless it is expressly prohibited. Please check for signs. Currently there is some controversy over freedom campers leaving waste of all sorts behind them. If your vehicle has no built in toilet or portaloo then a camping ground is often the best idea. Camping grounds in New Zealand are generally reasonably priced and offer good facilities. There are many located in beautiful areas.

What are the shopping hours in New Zealand?

Generally the shops are open 9.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Many shops are also open on a Saturday and, in tourist areas, on Sunday. You will also find convenience stores have extended opening hours.

Can I use other currencies in New Zealand?

No. Shops will require payment in NZ dollars, a credit card or an EFTPOS card (electronic funds transfer at Point of Sale).

What is the price of petrol/diesel?

Petrol is currently about $1.75 / litre (Aug 2010). Diesel is a little cheaper but when you return a diesel rental vehicle you will often have to pay a Diesel Recovery Fee based on the kilometres travelled. This makes the two fairly even in cost.

What do I do in the event of breakdown or accident?

Each company has its own policy. See the Terms and Conditions for the vehicle you are considering hiring. (Click on the ‘Terms and Conditions’ button on the ‘Vehicle Booking and Confirmation’ page.)

Is Insurance compulsory?

Most rental vehicles will come with standard insurance which includes an excess (a deductible). You may choose to reduce this excess by paying an agreed daily amount. Please refer to the individual hire company’s Terms and Conditions. (Click on the ‘Terms and Conditions’ button on the ‘Vehicle Booking and Confirmation’ page.)

Do I have to pay a Security Bond?

In most cases Yes. The amount will vary according to the Insurance option you select. Please refer to the individual hire companies Terms and Conditions.

(A security bond is an amount paid by you and held by the rental company as a surety for the safe return of their vehicle. It is refundable when the vehicle is returned in a satisfactory condition. It is taken via a credit card. Note that your credit card must have a high enough limit to allow the bond to be charged.)

Can someone assist me if I have problems submitting my request online?

Yes. Absolutely! Please call us if you have problems. See our Contact Us page here.

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