New Zealand - The Youngest Country on Earth

Our beautiful land waited until every other nation had been uncovered before any person ever stood on its fresh earth. As New Zealand residents, we take for granted the awe-inspiring beauty that this land provides, as it is all we have ever experienced. Come and join us, and partake in the beauty, serenity, adventure and exhilaration that New Zealand has to offer.

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Every part of New Zealand has something unique. Why not see for yourself?


From the ultimate in pampering and luxury, to the fun and freedom of backpacking, there is something for everyone


Connecting the North Island and South Island, the ferries are an integral part of New Zealand infrastructure


From the Maori, to the English and Europeans, New Zealand has a unique culture and heritage to explore


The New Zealand Dollar (NZD) is a decimal based currency and one of the 16th most traded currencies in the world


Use our distance calculator to judge not only distance but also fuel costs (NZ Dollars)

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