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Roadrunner Sportster

Roadrunner Sportster - 1999-2002
Our Sportster Campers are all Toyota Hiace Long Wheel Base, powered by petrol or diesel engines, delivering around 80kw and using about 11 litres of fuel per 100 kms. Our fleet are manual and automatic transmission (most are automatic), power steering, air conditioning, twin 12 volt battery system, CD player, 12 volt cigarette power front and rear for charging batteries etc. Easy and comfortable to drive.

Main Features:

Vehicle Features:

  • Transmission Type: Automatic & Manual
  • Maximum Passengers: 2
  • Toyota Hi-Ace Petrol or diesel
  • Seating for 3 people (3x Seatbelts)
  • Power steering , air conditioning
  • Dual 12 volt batteries - Road Runners always start.

Living Features:

  • A large queen size bed or 2 singles
  • All bedding - duvet, sheets, pillows
  • Outdoor chairs, solar shower
  • 12V interior lighting, thermal curtains
  • 12V power front and rear
  • Tinted rear windows, awning
  • Large storage spaces, full South Island map book

Kitchen Features:

  • Fold-up table
  • Gas cooker
  • Sink with running water
  • 28 litre Chiller 12 volt
  • All cooking and eating utensils

Entertainment Features:

  • Radio/CD player
  • DVD player features 8 inch LCD screen, 12 volt and rechargeable battery, great picture and sound - $50 per hire.

General Information:

  • Diesel Campers are subject to NZ Govt Road User Charges of $59 per 1000kms. Diesel is cheaper to buy than petrol in NZ, so the two workout the same.
Roadrunner Sportster
Roadrunner SportsterRoadrunner SportsterRoadrunner SportsterRoadrunner SportsterRoadrunner Sportster

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